Energy Audits

Energy and Utility Solutions

Electricity & Natural Gas

Contract a fixed rate for gas and electricity in deregulated markets.

LED Lighting

Update lighting for increased efficiency and an improved customer/employee experience.

Water (Valves & Leak Detection)

Stop leaks, prevent damage and optimize water flow to save money at the meter.


Use Solar to offset your demand from the utility while creating a backup source of electricity with on site battery storage.

Utility Cost Recovery

Reduce waste and lower costs with an effective waste management program.

Sensor (IoT)

Securely access critical infrastructure information to control and proactively address areas of concern from virtually anywhere.

Audit your Energy Usage with Trend Setters Network

With the complexity of energy billing, and the many factors that go into it, most accounts payable staff simply look back to the previous month to determine if they are on-target for spending. But with Trend Setters Network’s skilled analysts, who can decipher a utility bill and look for errors and overcharges, your business can realize savings of as much as 35% on your gas, sewer, water, and electricity budget. Trend Setters Network doesn’t charge if we don’t find any savings.

Looking for Savings

The first step is for our analysts to go over your utility bill, looking for any errors or overcharges on your bill, for which you can be reimbursed. They also look for savings that can be achieved through fixed monthly cost, long-term savings, or any combination of rates and regulations.

Getting You the Best Deal

Like other energy companies, we have a process for getting you the best results for your utility spending. After we analyze where you can save, we seek bids from our many suppliers. These suppliers will go to bid for your usage, and you will see the bids in real time, online or via hosted conference call. A Trend Setters Representative will serve as host and guide you through the process as you sit, watch and wait for the provider with the plan for optimal savings. You then choose the supplier that offers the best plan.

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Energy Audits

The Trend Setters team is comprised of skillful analysts who review electric, gas, water and sewer bills verifying accuracy.

Many accounts payable departments will pay bills based on if the usage or charges are in line with the previous month and understand that some months will vary based on the season of the year.

There are many different factors that go into the billings of the utilities which can be very confusing to the staff that approves and pays the bills.

Our analysts decipher the charges and will look to see if there are any errors or if there are savings we can achieve through fixed monthly cost, or by long term savings, whether by correction of errors, rate change, or any other combination of rates and regulations.

Trend Setters Network works on a contingency basis. We simply share in the savings!  If we do not find any savings we do not get paid. 

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Energy Resale

Trend Setters Network partners with many energy suppliers who offer discounted pricing for electricity and gas services in the deregulated areas of the US. (see map) to determine if your utility/state is deregulated. 

We have many suppliers that we can go to bid for your usage. We then will present you with the offers and recommend who we believe is the best fit for your organization.

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LED Lighting

Trend Setters Network partners with a National LED Lighting company who is one of the most experienced and respected energy efficiency firms in the USA.

Why change to LED Lighting?

Energy Savings

With LEDs,  typically 75% of your lighting expense will be eliminated. LED’s will also qualify you for local rebates

Greater Life Span

LED technology on average lasts at least 3 times longer than fluorescent lights

Increase In Illumination

LED can increase your illumination up to 100%, resulting in better display for product, customer, and safety

We have a unique offering that will get the best lowest cost per KWH and/or therms through a reverse auction. The top suppliers will bid on your usage, in real-time, online on a conference call, with a Representative who will host the call and explain the process. You then sit, watch and wait for all suppliers to bid for your business. You choose the provider with the best price to achieve the optimal savings!

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